March 21 2020 - source State of Hawaii Department of Health, go to the following web address for more information.


As you are no doubt aware, an outbreak of a new coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19) that began in Wuhan, China has been developing since December 2019.  This outbreak now includes over 100,000 cases globally and has become widespread in a number of countries.


The virus is primarily spread by prolonged close contact when respiratory droplets from an infected person pass to an uninfected person.


The symptoms of the disease can include FEVER, COUGH or SHORTNESS OF BREATH.


There is no vaccine for the disease and no specific treatment besides supportive care.


The best way to PREVENT the disease from spreading is to practice GOOD HYGIENE (e.g., washing your hands and covering your cough) and SOCIAL DISTANCING (i.e., reducing the potential for close contact between people who are sick and people who are healthy).


If you become ill with a FEVER or COUGH, and have recently left an area having widespread community transmission of COVID-19 or have had prolonged close contact with a person confirmed to have COVID-19:


- Stay home and avoid contact with others. See CDC COVID-19 Self Checker


- If you think you may need medical care, CALL AHEAD to the doctor’s office to and let us know about your symptoms and travel or contact history. IF you are HEALTH OR EXPERIENCING MILD TO MODERATE FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS, DOH urges you to stay at home and avoid an unnecessary visit to a screening site. The screening sites are only for those who are severely ill with COVID-19 symptoms. See the DOH home care guide


If you have a fever and a cough at the time of calling, stay home until we can assess your next step to prevent spread within our clinic. We are making every effort to protect our Kupuna patients and limit spread within the office itself. If you are uncertain what to do, then contact us and we will guide you and/or arrange for an appointment for assessment.


- If you need immediate medical care, call 911.

Disinfecting surfaces

The following are EPA-approved cleaners: 

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide

  • 70% alcohol

  • Bleach - dilute 4 tsp/quart or 1/3 cup per gallon

Surface should remain wet for at least 1 min and allowed to air dry. As the disinfectant air dries, the bacteria or virus dies.  


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