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Telemedicine at Kailua Primary Care 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are converting many patient appointments to videolink appointments. If you or we are unable to get a videolink established with you, we will arrange a phone appointment. In-office appointments will be determined on a case by case basis. WE ARE ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS and we are still doing routine visits if necessary.

We are also sending out an invitation for you to join the patient portal. If you have not received an invitation then it is because we do not have your current email. Please send us your email so we can send you an invitation to the portal.


How to prepare for your telemedicine visit

Please be prepared to report your TEMPERATURE, BLOOD PRESSURE, WEIGHT and OXYGEN, if you have the tools to collect this information. 
If you are a NEW PATIENT.
  • We can only see you for the first time either in person or by videolink. A basic phone call is not an option. 
  • We can only see you if we have picture ID and your insurance card.
  • Please coordinate with office staff to complete new patient paper work and give us copies of insurance and picture ID.
  • Narcotics will not be prescribed without a face to face appointment with a new patient

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