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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are converting many patient appointments to videolink appointments. If you or we are unable to get a videolink established with you, we will arrange a phone appointment. In-office appointments will be determined on a case by case basis. WE ARE ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS and we are still doing routine visits if necessary.

We are also sending out an invitation for you to join the patient portal. If you have not received an invitation then it is because we do not have your current email. Please send us your email so we can send you an invitation to the portal.


How to prepare for your telemedicine visit

Please be prepared to report your TEMPERATURE, BLOOD PRESSURE, WEIGHT and OXYGEN, if you have the tools to collect this information. 
If you are a NEW PATIENT.
  • We can only see you for the first time either in person or by videolink. A basic phone call is not an option. 
  • We can only see you if we have picture ID and your insurance card.
  • Please send your new patient paper work including insurance and picture ID to our email at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Our HIPPA compliant email is
  • Narcotics will not be prescribed without a face to face appointment with a new patient
If you are unable to use the following we can do a phone call for established patients. However, videolink is the preferred method of communication using one of the following -

IF HMSA is your primary insurance: 

We will carry out your appointment using HMSA online. To get started, you will need an email and your insurance card. Depending on the plan you signed up for, you may need to put in credit card details. 

From a computer:

Go to the following web address to login and/or sign up

From a mobile device:
  1. Download the HMSA Online Care free app in the Apple or Android app store.

  2. Click Sign Up and enter your information as it appears on your HMSA membership card.

  3. Enter your email address and create a password.

  4. Select your health plan, enter your subscriber ID, and click Continue.

IF your primary insurance is NOT HMSA: 

The platform that we are using is called Spruce. To sign up, please go to the following link

Using the Spruce App as a Patient

Welcome to Spruce! The Spruce Care Messenger app is an all-in-one communication platform for doctors and patients. If you're here, you've probably been invited to use Spruce by your doctor or other healthcare provider. When you download the Spruce app, you can conveniently exchange messages with your provider and have the comfort of knowing your communication is secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant. 

Spruce gives you more than just messaging. You can send and receive photos, videos, and PDF attachments as well. And if your provider uses telemedicine, you may do video calls or health questionnaires on Spruce. Everything you receive from your provider is stored inside the Spruce app, and when you receive a new message, you'll get a notification on your phone from Spruce. 

(If you're already on Spruce and you need help troubleshooting access to your account, please see our account troubleshooting article.)

Accepting your doctor's invitation

To start using Spruce, you must have an invitation link from your doctor. This special link tells Spruce which practice you'll communicate with once you're on the app. Typically your doctor will send the invitation link via a text message or by email. Here are the steps to accept your doctor's invitation and set up your Spruce account.

  1. Because Spruce is a mobile app, you must accept the invitation from your mobile phone (not from a computer). Go ahead and find your invitation link on your mobile phone now.

  2. Open the email or text message that contains the invitation link. The link usually looks like Click the link. You may have to click the link twice. 

  3. Your mobile phone's internet browser will open to a Spruce webpage. Select Get the App & Connect. This will take you to the iOS App Store or Google Play, depending on your phone.

  4. Select the Spruce – Care Messenger app and download. Once the download is complete, open the Spruce app on your phone and select  Continue when prompted.

  5. Select  Create a new account, and enter your personal mobile phone number. You will receive a verification code via text message. (If you do not receive a verification code within five minutes, delete the app and start again from step one.)

  6. On the next screen, enter the verification code, select  Next, and enter your profile information to complete your setup. You can begin messaging with your provider once you have completed these steps!

Messaging your doctor

Any time you log in to Spruce, you will see the conversation thread between you and your provider. All communication exchanged with a particular practice will be visible here. To send a message, simply compose your message by tapping into the compose bar at the bottom of the screen and select Send. 


Sending attachments 

You can securely send photos, videos, and PDFs to your doctor using Spruce. Select the Camera Icon at the bottom of the screen to send a photo or video. Select the Paper Icon at the bottom of the screen to send a PDF. The file you want to send will need to be available on your mobile phone in order to attach it through Spruce.


Adjusting your Spruce settings

On iPhone

You can access your Settings page by selecting the Spruce Logo Icon in the top left corner. 

  • Select Notification Preferences to adjust your Spruce notifications as needed. 

  • If you use Spruce to communicate with more than one practice, select the practice you want to communicate with under Practices before composing a message.

  • If you need help from the technical support team for the Spruce app, select Email Support to reach us. We're happy to help, but note that we are not part of your doctor's practice, and you should not send us any medical information. 

  • To log off of Spruce, select Sign Out.


On Android

  • Select Notifications from your Settings panel to set up your notification preferences.

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